Racheal Kwacz

About Racheal Kwacz

Struggling with epic meal standoffs with your child? Not sure where to start or how to safely baby-led wean your child? First-time parent completely overwhelmed with all that's out there?

Come join one of Racheal Kwacz's workshops and begin a precious, fun, loving journey with your child!

From positive parenting techniques to helping you set up fun, affordable, developmentally-appropriate play spaces, Racheal Kwacz will teach you how to work with your fiercely independent toddler without having to bribe, shame, threaten or punish!

  • Baby Sensory Sri Hartamas

    Ella Grace is an amazing little toddler and her super mama runs amazing workshops in KL ranging from Food Wars, ideas on setting up a nursery to managing difficult toddlers.

    So if you feel like you’re in need of a parenting coach, do check out Racheal Kwacz Workshops!


  • Testimonial – Food Wars workshop

    What Racheal reminded us that making meal times a place for family to catch up with food and not the act of feeding your child. With that in mind we all began to unwind and enjoy each other whilst eating.

    We also learned that the amount your child actually takes in. I always think it was much more than that, here again it makes me feel more relaxed to know that they had sufficient amount of food.

    Thanks again Racheal!

  • Testimonial – Lisa Goh

    Being a mom of a little tot is hard hard work. I love my kid – but the terrible twos and that “threenager” attitude can really drive you up the wall. I used to believe in “time out” for when my son was throwing a massive tantrum, but it turns out, what he really needed was a “time in” instead.

    Speaking with Racheal has helped me try out this new technique, and it’s made a huge difference. Patience, empathy, show more grace, really listen for when he’s having those big big feelings and can’t quite figure out why his world is not making sense.

    Having a “time in” is such a great way to connect with my son when he needs me the most, and it really helps calm him down. It takes time and a lot of effort. But it really does work. Thanks Racheal!