Workshop Review: Miss Lisa

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Another lovely review from one of our moms. Thank you Miss Lisa!

“Being a mom of a little tot is hard hard work. I love my kid – but the terrible twos and that “threenager” attitude can really drive you up the wall.

I used to believe in “time out” for when my son was throwing a massive tantrum, but it turns out, what he really needed was a “time in” instead.

Speaking with Racheal has helped me try out this new technique, and it’s made a huge difference. Patience, empathy, show more grace, really listen for when he’s having those big big feelings and can’t quite figure out why his world is not making sense.Having a “time in” is such a great way to connect with my son when he needs me the most, and it really helps calm him down. It takes time and a lot of effort. But it really does work. Thanks Racheal!”

If you are struggling, fighting, battling, at your wits end with the terrible twos or threenagers, come join us next Saturday, July 22nd for solutions, answers, and a safe place to get reprieve and the help you need.

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