What My Mum Says about RKW

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My mom recently shared with me how watching me parent Ella Grace really changed her perspective on techniques that she had believed in for years. It was both so validating to hear as an educator as well as a daughter and mama to a little one.

Here is what she wrote on my wall when I first started RKW:

“Our quick-fix method of discipline has been replaced with your well-researched approach and your workshops will be really practical to understand this new way. You are so focused and well-trained, I have no doubt everyone who knows a child will benefit from your workshop. May God bless you in your endeavor.”

We live in a multi-generational household, it is loud and fun and awesome but it can also be challenging and frustrating especially when it comes to raising little ones together. So many times, my mom (or dad or in-laws or siblings or aunts and the whole “kampung”) have been at loggerheads about parenting approaches or rules. I still remember the first time I introduced the concept of Baby-Led Weaning, my mom couldn’t even be in the same room and my dad thought I was nuts!

Now, they proudly show off pictures of Ella Grace as a 7 month old gnawing on a drumstick bigger than her face!

If you are struggling with your in-laws, parents, well-intentioned but meddlesome family members, or perhaps an unsupportive spouse, I have a section in my Toddler Wars workshop this Saturday that specifically addresses these issues. Check out our Events page on how to register or PM me for a private session if you can’t make it. I’d love to work with you on creating a success story for your family as well.

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