Workshop Review: Chiew Anne, Mom of Austin

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Another success story tonight from one of the sweetest little boys I have loved working with and his guilt-free mama!

Thank you for sharing Miss Anne!

“Austin (2yo, first child) has been a baby-FED-weaning child. Hahaha. He has been very spoilt by his grandparents and nanny like most Chinese families. Every time without fail during meal time, he will be walking around, screaming & refusing to eat. UNTIL Racheal Kwacz came to the rescue… Hehe. After a few private sessions with her, we decided to execute our strategy when our nanny was away for her short holiday!

The first day was horrible. We tried very hard to feed him like usual & yes, it is very hard to accept that he is already full after only a few mouthfuls of food.
Here.. we asked him if he was done? & he said yes. So we explained that he couldn’t come back to the dining table. Austin left to play with his toys. 30 minutes later, he was looking for his milk (sign of hunger). We gave him, his leftover dinner. (at the dining table…)

Second day – same drama all over again

Third day : We realised he ate a lil more than usual and he learn to engage on dinner table. We encouraged him to eat & gave him choices. When he realised he wasnt being forced & he was happy to be there. Me and my hubby was excited! ;D

Fourth day : We brought him out to a restaurant. I’M NOW A PROUD MUMMY. hehe. Austin now not only have dinner with us, he enjoys his meal & interacting with us on the table.

We are amazed how easy it was to teach our child to enjoy their meals. It is just all these while, we have been using the wrong method.

1. no forcing 2. no screaming 3. no threatening 4. no bribing

Thank you Racheal… I’m not a bad mum and Austin is not a bad kid afterall.”

Absolutely not. So many times I have mamas come to me at their breaking point, guilty, dejected, upset that their kid isn’t eating or behaving and wondering if they are the only ones that feel this way or how to fix it.

First of all, it takes so much courage to ask for help. Then it takes even more courage to listen with an open mind and implement.

Like Anne said, sometimes it’s hard at first. Acceptance is hard. Change is even harder. But I am committed to working with you to find solutions that work for your family, guilt-free, judgement-free, mama-to-mama I get it.

I’m so incredibly proud of this family and this little self-feeding, noodle-loving, restaurant eating boy and his parents!

Message me today if I can help you find some war-free solutions and turn your mealtimes from battlegrounds into moments of joy.

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