Meaningful Learning

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Have you heard about rote learning vs meaningful learning?

It’s the idea that you don’t need flash cards, abcs, “learning” drills or exercises or scheduled time for your little one but instead allow them the space to take in their rich environment and explore.

Instead of memorizing, kids learn to grasp and understand concepts fully by being given the freedom to experiment and soak in.

We have never taught my daughter abcs, no worksheet, no flash cards, no “abc” time at home or at school.

Instead we read a lot by interest, or in school, she sees her name on lots of things, asks questions, copies, follows, explores and learns at her own pace and understanding.

This last week, she pleasantly surprised us when at a restaurant, she started writing her full name. She also wrote my husband’s name, Joe, even though she had never seen it on paper (it’s usually Joseph on paper but we call him Joe for short) but knew that it was spelled J-O-E so she experimented and tried it on her own. She also asked me how to spell mama.

Notice the extra squiggles between of her practicing new letters and trying to figure it out on her own. G’s and M’s are really tricky! It’s also very common for little ones to transpose opposite (go from left to right), write in mirror image (b looks like d) or confuse their upper case and lower case letters.

Just give them time, I promise they will come around and when it clicks, oh how they will get it.

This route may be slower but so pivotal to a life long love of learning and if the schools aren’t focused on rudimentary rote learning concepts, they have more time to build the foundation for bigger things like feelings and emotions, communication and social skills, confidence and movement.

It really works, guys! 😂❤️

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