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If we’re going to raise little ones to have a voice in the world, let’s start by making space to give them a voice and to learn to use it kindly.

This workshop is the foundation of everything I believe about Respectful Parenting. Whether you’re pregnant, with a newborn, right in the throes and deep into the toddler wars, this is the heart and tools for raising kind, confident, compassionate little ones.

Please come join me and Comma – Rethink Life for an afternoon of discovery and sharing.

Saturday, April 13 2019
1-5 pm 

Topics covered in the workshop are:

+ How to respond to your child and deescalate a situation

+ How to parent a strong-willed child without breaking their spirit

+ How to work with your toddler through a problem

+ Words to say and helpful tools to set loving limits and boundaries

+ How to plan, prevent and stay calm through any situation

+ How to turn tears into bonding and create intimate moments that matter

+ How and when to pick your battles

+ How to cope with frustration and burn out

+ How to parent together and work with your in-laws


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