Stories & Testimonials

  • What Supparetreat Is All About

    A follow up and beautiful telling of what Supparetreat is by Cleo Malaysia ❤️

    #kacaumamalive is bumped up to 8pm next Monday and I’ll be with all the IGNITE 🔥 coaches, Sarah LianHannah Lo, and Dianwithlove.

    We’d love to meet you, answer any questions, tell you a little bit more or even just introduce ourselves!

  • Natural Shea Butter

    Spoiled silly by the team at The Body Shop Malaysia with their new nourishing Shea butter line that is easy on the pocket too! 😍❤️🎉
    My favorite is just the simple straight-up pack of 100% natural pure Shea butter.
    Hypoallergenic, it makes such a rich but safe base for endless self-care experiments.
    A dollop mixed in with some brown sugar or sea salt makes a nourishing scrub for the body or lips or dry abused forgotten patches (elbows, heels, knees, etc).
    Add in some shower or bath soap and it makes a lovely bath oil.
    Drop a couple of essential oils and it makes a beautiful emollient or protective hydration that locks in all the goodness.
    My trick is to always pack a little pure Shea butter on the plane. A little bit goes a long way and I don’t have to worry about spillage or carrying a bunch of things. It works as a lotion, chap stick, cuticle cream, etc.
    I usually dab a little bit on Ella Grace’s lips and nostrils and it helps her so much with the harsh plane air. 
    It’s currently their feature of the month and there’s all kinds of in-store specials so don’t forget to check it out.
    Sourced and supported by community trade, each pack helps a Ghanaian mama or daughter support their family with fair and equal wages. ❤️❤️❤️
    Ps. Thank you Warehouse and Fashion Fast Forward (Malaysia) for my polka dot dress from their new collection! It made me smile and according to Ella Grace, has just the right amount of “twirliness” to it. 😂❤️🎉
    #kacaumamahack#thebodyshopmalaysia#careforsheamy#f3malaysia#internationalwomensday2019 @ The Body Shop Malaysia

  • Workshop Reviews from Fellow Parents!

    One of the very sacred things of my job is that most of the time, I meet mamas and daddies when they are at their most vulnerable stage of parenting. When it is hard, and ugly, and they feel lost and alone.

    The first thing I always tell them is that I will not judge. I will not punish you or shame you or (insert whatever fear they might have). I am here to help. I am here to remind you to breathe again. I am here to say, you got this.

    And then we get to the hard heart work.

    But just before, when they register, I always leave a line in for them to tell me something that they are proud of.

    I do this deliberately. I do this because I want to remind them that in the midst of the crazy and the chaos and all the places they think that they are failing, there are also so many parts that are worth celebrating.

    These have been some of my very favorite answers:

    “When we first came home from the hospital, I was terrified that I had to keep such a defenseless little person happy and alive. Now I’m proud to say I not only managed that, but I throughly enjoy being a mother.”

    “I’m proud that I managed to breastfeed for 9 months because it hurt so much and was so hard sometimes.”

    “That I didn’t care what people said and left my professional job as a pharmacist to become a stay at home mom and never regretted that decision.”

    “Even with all the changes my son has been through and as boisterous and rough as he can be, he has a huge gentle heart and to see him gently kiss his sister when she cries or tap you on the back and say “Ok mummy” when I have hurt myself just fills me with pride that he can be so perceptive to others feelings.”

    “I’m proud of how my husband and I have leaned on each other to raise our first child away from home, family and friends.”


    Whether today was a “good” day or a “bad” day for you, I hope you take a moment to celebrate your motherhood. The hard things, the great things, the parts that you are so very proud of and remember that feeling always.


    If you’d like to know more about my parent workshops, please feel free to message me. I’d love to connect with you!

  • Workshop Review: Chiew Anne, Mom of Austin

    Another success story tonight from one of the sweetest little boys I have loved working with and his guilt-free mama!

    Thank you for sharing Miss Anne!

    “Austin (2yo, first child) has been a baby-FED-weaning child. Hahaha. He has been very spoilt by his grandparents and nanny like most Chinese families. Every time without fail during meal time, he will be walking around, screaming & refusing to eat. UNTIL Racheal Kwacz came to the rescue… Hehe. After a few private sessions with her, we decided to execute our strategy when our nanny was away for her short holiday!

    The first day was horrible. We tried very hard to feed him like usual & yes, it is very hard to accept that he is already full after only a few mouthfuls of food.
    Here.. we asked him if he was done? & he said yes. So we explained that he couldn’t come back to the dining table. Austin left to play with his toys. 30 minutes later, he was looking for his milk (sign of hunger). We gave him, his leftover dinner. (at the dining table…)

    Second day – same drama all over again

    Third day : We realised he ate a lil more than usual and he learn to engage on dinner table. We encouraged him to eat & gave him choices. When he realised he wasnt being forced & he was happy to be there. Me and my hubby was excited! ;D

    Fourth day : We brought him out to a restaurant. I’M NOW A PROUD MUMMY. hehe. Austin now not only have dinner with us, he enjoys his meal & interacting with us on the table.

    We are amazed how easy it was to teach our child to enjoy their meals. It is just all these while, we have been using the wrong method.

    1. no forcing 2. no screaming 3. no threatening 4. no bribing

    Thank you Racheal… I’m not a bad mum and Austin is not a bad kid afterall.”

    Absolutely not. So many times I have mamas come to me at their breaking point, guilty, dejected, upset that their kid isn’t eating or behaving and wondering if they are the only ones that feel this way or how to fix it.

    First of all, it takes so much courage to ask for help. Then it takes even more courage to listen with an open mind and implement.

    Like Anne said, sometimes it’s hard at first. Acceptance is hard. Change is even harder. But I am committed to working with you to find solutions that work for your family, guilt-free, judgement-free, mama-to-mama I get it.

    I’m so incredibly proud of this family and this little self-feeding, noodle-loving, restaurant eating boy and his parents!

    Message me today if I can help you find some war-free solutions and turn your mealtimes from battlegrounds into moments of joy.

  • Workshop Review: The Twins

    How fun are these two little ones?!?

    Our Toddler Wars workshop isn’t just geared for singles but also answers and equips you to handle multiples and siblings in a consistent, respectful, approach.

    Read what one mama of twins wrote after attending the workshop!

    “Hi Racheal,

    Thanks for the lovely morning last weekend!

    I just would like to say thank you for a workshop that really changed the way I look at my twins now. What really hit me was something the lines of…”If you are just focusing on them not killing each other, then they will keep trying to kill each other”…. That really hit a note. 

    So I’ve shifted my focus to letting them show more brotherly love to each other. Of course, the occasional fights happen but it’s less now.

    In terms of them smacking and biting me, it has reduced tremendously and more kisses are given! They still do it but I realise it’s an impulse thing when they are tired or hungry and just can’t focus… All in all, I’m pleasantly surprised at the changes.

    Again thank you for the delicious breakfast spread and beautiful stationery…. Have a great Sunday!!”


    Oh my heart I’m so excited for this mama and this is just the beginning(!!) as she applies the techniques and what she learned in the workshop and discussions to raise calm, confident, kind, happy little boys! 🎉

    If you’d like to know more or want to join our next Toddler Wars workshop, message me!

  • Workshop Review: Chiew Anne II

    If you remember, a few weeks ago I shared mama Ann’s review as a private session client.

    She posted this little follow up on our wall and it put a huge grin on my already happy Fri-YAY(!!) face!

    “Another break thru!!! Two weeks of patience and following advice from Racheal Kwacz.

    Last 3 days….. We put pak choy on his plate. We told him to try but if he doesn’t like it, it’s ok. Miraculously after 5 mins, he tasted it, loved it and ask for more. Tried french beans, finished it. Today he had beef lasagna without feeding or threatening. He took it and tried and finished it!! Dinner we always thought he likes kuey teow but in actual fact he prefers bihun!! Wahahahahaba

    Empower ur child to make good decisions
    Listen carefully what they tell you

    Again, thank you Rachael! 😘

    To find out more about having a private session, please message me!

  • What My Mum Says about RKW

    My mom recently shared with me how watching me parent Ella Grace really changed her perspective on techniques that she had believed in for years. It was both so validating to hear as an educator as well as a daughter and mama to a little one.

    Here is what she wrote on my wall when I first started RKW:

    “Our quick-fix method of discipline has been replaced with your well-researched approach and your workshops will be really practical to understand this new way. You are so focused and well-trained, I have no doubt everyone who knows a child will benefit from your workshop. May God bless you in your endeavor.”

    We live in a multi-generational household, it is loud and fun and awesome but it can also be challenging and frustrating especially when it comes to raising little ones together. So many times, my mom (or dad or in-laws or siblings or aunts and the whole “kampung”) have been at loggerheads about parenting approaches or rules. I still remember the first time I introduced the concept of Baby-Led Weaning, my mom couldn’t even be in the same room and my dad thought I was nuts!

    Now, they proudly show off pictures of Ella Grace as a 7 month old gnawing on a drumstick bigger than her face!

    If you are struggling with your in-laws, parents, well-intentioned but meddlesome family members, or perhaps an unsupportive spouse, I have a section in my Toddler Wars workshop this Saturday that specifically addresses these issues. Check out our Events page on how to register or PM me for a private session if you can’t make it. I’d love to work with you on creating a success story for your family as well.

  • Workshop Review: Miss Lisa

    Another lovely review from one of our moms. Thank you Miss Lisa!

    “Being a mom of a little tot is hard hard work. I love my kid – but the terrible twos and that “threenager” attitude can really drive you up the wall.

    I used to believe in “time out” for when my son was throwing a massive tantrum, but it turns out, what he really needed was a “time in” instead.

    Speaking with Racheal has helped me try out this new technique, and it’s made a huge difference. Patience, empathy, show more grace, really listen for when he’s having those big big feelings and can’t quite figure out why his world is not making sense.Having a “time in” is such a great way to connect with my son when he needs me the most, and it really helps calm him down. It takes time and a lot of effort. But it really does work. Thanks Racheal!”

    If you are struggling, fighting, battling, at your wits end with the terrible twos or threenagers, come join us next Saturday, July 22nd for solutions, answers, and a safe place to get reprieve and the help you need.

    Check out our events page or email us at to register!

  • Workshop Review: Little C

    My favorite part as a parent coach? Success stories!!!

    So incredibly excited to receive this picture tonight after our Food Wars! workshop this morning:

    Little C trying new textures(!), picking up food(!!), feeding himself(!!!) but best of all, look at that precious smile!!!!

    Oh my heart I can just feel the joy and confidence of that mealtime together. What a beautiful start to a healthy happy food relationship.

    Well done mama L and thank you for sharing!

    If you’re struggling with chaotic mealtimes or picky eaters, I’d love to work with you too. Message me to learn more about our workshops and what we do!