What I Do

about parenting your toddler?

When I started RKW, I had an incredibly talented brand consultant and amazing friend sit down with me to work on what I was trying to build. She taught me one of the most profound and precious lessons that has really shaped so much of what you see here.

“Build from the inside out.”

So often, when I start a workshop or have a session with a client, we start with the basics. I do this with purpose so I can lay a strong foundation that we can build on. You have to know your what, where, who, and why before you can truly understand your how.

What is the heart of RKW? What are our guiding principles? What are our brand values and promise?

The core of it is I believe in meeting mamas where they are at, no judgment, no shame, no guilt. We all stumble and struggle and so often, I have parents that come to me at the end of their rope. I admire the courage and strength it takes just to say I need help, I can’t keep doing what I’m doing, I can’t keep running into this brick wall.

I believe in honoring your struggles, in celebrating raw honesty and teaching you how to take control while generating change and leading with grace.

My hope for the families and mamas that I work with is for them to be fulfilled, recharged, and equipped with tools not just for positive parenting but also joyful living. I want you to enjoy parenthood and marriage and being you, along with all the beautiful chaos that comes with it.

The heart of Racheal Kwacz’s workshops?

It’s standing in the gap with you believing in your best and encouraging you as you discover the parent that you want to be and the parent that I know you can be.

Please contact me today if you are exhausted, confused, in a bind, or frustrated about parenting your toddler.

I may not give you your how immediately but I promise you, we’ll figure it out together. You got this!

One question I get asked a lot is why don’t I have bigger classes?

While it’s so hard to turn mama and daddies away, my aim in each workshop is to build small safe spaces to explore and ask questions and learn together.

I want to make sure that everyone has the time to ask all the questions they need, problem solve together, and when they walk away, to be excited and invigorated to implement and succeed!

I love that at the end of each workshop, everyone gets to know each other, but more importantly, that it’s a space of so much encouragement and “me too!”.

Motherhood is hard heart work and so lonely sometimes, I love that our workshops are so much about saying I got you, I hear you, we can do this.

You are not alone.