Signature Workshops

Signature Workshops are intensive courses with a duration of 4 hours and have maximum of 20 participants.


How to stop them, prevent them, and enjoy mealtimes! Whether you're just starting solids or if you've been doing it a while, come invest in long-term strategies to encourage healthy eating but also start having fun together as a family.

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Toddler Wars

How to (realistically) win them without guilting, shaming, bribing or punishing. Come learn practical loving solutions for raising kind, compassionate, confident, respectful children.

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Intro to Baby-Led Weaning

Why it is recommended, what it is, how to do it safely, when your child is ready plus tried-and-true tips and recipes for success!

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How to Create a Montessori-inspired Play Space

Learn all the secrets to creating a beautiful, functional, and developmentally-appropriate playspace for your little one with what you have and what you can afford!

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Pediatric First Aid + CPR Training

Get trained, certified, and equipped to provide emergency life-saving techniques using a hands-on approach including practice dummies for choking and CPR, how to stock and use a first aid kit, and child safety and accident prevention.

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Interested in more?

Can't make it to our workshops or live out of town? Or maybe you need help in other areas of parenting or prefer solutions tailored just for your family? Sign up for a private session or workshop with me.


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To register, just email or message indicating which workshop you would like and we will take it from there!

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